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How does it work

Setup & Configuration

We provide you with the pre-built voice conversational ai experience that suits your business.

Build & Deployment

We develop the smart bot and connect it to your databases, APIs, web services and CRM .


We publish your personalized voice assistant on multiple channels or platforms like WhatsApp , Alexa , google Assistant and many more to start interacting with your customers .

About Us

Who we are

Founded since 2017 , Bots Factory is the 1st Moroccan Voice Conversational AI agency . We are a team of enthusiastic hardworking engineers who aspire to become the leader in the Conversational AI field .

Passion , Determination and growth are the main 3 values we share as a team at Bots Factory to which we've been commited to achieve since day one .

At Bots Factory , our mission is to Revolutionize the business-customers interactions using our expertise in Conversational AI .


Added value

Better Customer Experience

We take CX to the next level by providing a seamless interactive voice experience to help brands engage with their customers .

Less Operational Costs

Multi channel customer service strategy that will increase customer satisfaction and customer retention . Customers can interact with your brand vir their smart home device , in their car , on social media platforms and other channels .


What We Offer

Great Customer Experience

Provide a humanized language for your bot with a seamless conversational experience design .

Conversational AI services

Build smart assistants that can easily understand your customer's needs .

Multiligual including Dialects

Reach a wider audience by speaking your customer's language .

Voice Recognition

Voice-enabled assistants provide better two-way interactions .

Continuous Learning

Capability to keep learning from an interactive environment like human beings

Live Chat agent handling

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content

Connect anytime, anywhere

Build your multichannel assistant and interact with your customers on social media , messaging apps and on your website .

  • Google Assistant
  • Alexa
  • Mobile app
  • Whatsapp
  • messenger
  • Web

Some use cases